Windy Hill Orchard

On Sunday afternoon my friends and I drove 45 minutes down the road to a little place called Windy Hill Orchard! It was the perfect fall day - the temperature was ideal, the apples were crisp and the cider was sweet and delicious! We talked, laughed, ran around in a random field and took pictures and really just enjoyed each others company. I'm so thankful for these girls and for the impact they've had on my life. When I originally moved back to Charlotte 3 years ago, I had no intention of staying. I didn't want to "put roots down" here and try and make friends - Nope. I wanted to move somewhere fun and different and get to know new people. But man, does God know what you need when you need it! He purposefully brought these ladies into my life (every Wednesday with food and faith and late nights) and I'm so thankful to call them my friends! They were exactly what my heart needed. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's the truth. I love them! Here are a few pictures from our apple orchard adventure!