A few months ago my cousin gave Sean and I each a devotional book authored by Marilynn and David Chadwick. David Chadwick is the senior pastor at Forest Hill church here in Charlotte and Marilynn is his wife. Together they authored two awesome marriage devotionals - one titled "Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Husband" and another called "Eight Great Ways to Honor Your Wife."

This morning I was reading through my copy, with coffee in hand, and I came across an excerpt that really spoke to me...

"I used to think my job was to insist that David listen to me (and my intuition as a wife.) But I learned over the years that sometimes my discernment was not right. So if something sets off my alarm bell, I commit to praying about it before I say anything to David. "Pray it before I say it" has become my mantra and has often prevented me from speaking too soon." - Marilynn Chadwick

I loved this little paragraph. There are so many times in my newly married life, and before during our time as a dating couple, where I instantly blurt out something that's ringing the distress signal in my gut. But where does it lead me? Sometimes it's followed by productivity, but often it will be reciprocated with an argument or negative feelings. A nagging wife is like a dripping faucet, my Papa always says! Marilynn reminds us that before we voice our concerns, no matter what they may be, we should direct them to God. He will be the one who reassures us whether or not it is a legitimate issue to be discussed, or just a false alarm. So next time, when I hear the bell loud and clear, I will ask God for direction. I will pray it before I say it!

James 4:10