Warby parker : Holiday

Otis. Percey. Edgar. Goodney. Louise. Everson.

These aren’t just the hottest hipster baby names of 20-16… these are the names of the latest and greatest frames decking the halls of Warby Parker this holiday season. With jet black lines, tortoise shell detailing, colors of elderflower crystal and sleek cerulean slate, the eyewear that we know you’re looking to pair with your tacky Christmas sweater or celebratory dress is anything but ordinary.

When I lived in New York City, one of my final stops before moving back to NC was going by Warby Parker in SoHo for some new frames. Of course I’d been following the brand for years, and even interviewed with them prior to college graduation, so I was dying to get my hands on and eyes behind the hippest spectacles in the business. Round, rectangular, cateye and square all lived in little shelved homes from the floor to the ceiling of 121 Greene St. Rolling ladders slid across the room as helpful attendants fitted customers with the perfect addition to their everyday “look.” I was hooked, to say the least. From that moment on, it was true love and a lasting relationship!

If I could instantly wish one more pair of frames into my wardrobe (and I just might have to, after perusing this site for hours) it would have to be Percey - Styled seamlessly with round rims and colors of mission clay fade, these specs seem to be the ideal accessory to pair with a chunky cable-knit sweater, leather leggings and combat boots. Top it with a textured beanie and round off the look with a scarf swooped around your neck (and a peppermint mocha on the side, of course) and you and good ol’ Percey are ready for a date night caroling around your favorite neighborhood or looking at lights from the comfort of your car!

So if you’re in a rut on what to buy for your friends and family this year, or what to purchase to treat yourself after all your hard work, I can guarantee with one click of your mouse you’ll be covered. From cute eyewear to funky mugs, canvas tote bags and even presents for your pups -  glad tidings you’ll bring to you and your friends with all that you can find at Warby Parker!