Tuesday Truth

Lately I've been in somewhat of a funk and I can't pinpoint the reason.

I don't know if it's the cold weather, a lot of change and "newness" at work or what... but it isn't my favorite feeling. Don't get me wrong, it's not every single day! It's like I just can't get a strong grip on my routine, my eating habits, my motivation, my mood and the list goes on. You know that feeling, right?

Some days I feel great, like yesterday, and then today I feel like a blob.

I know it might sound crazy - coming from someone that works for a company that's all about hashtag #goals #motivation #fitness & #nutrition!? But, it's the truth!

Today, as I drove home from work giving myself a hard time, I realized that I'm not being fair. Would I treat my best friends this way? No way. If my husband was in a funk, would I give him a hard time? Definitely not! If my twin called me saying she was feeling unmotivated, would I roll my eyes and 'think, man what's wrong with her' or would I encourage her to do her best and work her hardest to get back on track? Ya'll know the answer to that.

Why do we treat ourselves differently than we do the ones we love? Why don't we cut ourselves some slack sometimes? 

Funks are okay. They are not where we stay! They're a phase. It's up to me, or you, to fight for the self-discipline to step back, readjust and move forward with a positive mindset and a clear perspective.

Fight the funk!