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I know I'm a capable person, you guys.

 I'm a hard worker, I'm driven, I feel like I have a lot going for me! I love what I majored in. The fashion world is an unreal whirlwind and I'm excited to see what's in store for me!

Although I know I've done well in the past, occasionally I get a bit weary of my future. What if I don't live up to the expectations set for me? I'm sure I can do it, but what will happen if I make a silly mistake? Life can be scary, finding a job can be daunting... in general the whole experience is very intimidating. It's not in my hands though, and I just have to except it!

The good news is that I will always put my best foot forward, regardless of the path I'm on. I won't give up! Nope, I will work my hardest and I will prove myself. You can quote me on that one! All cheesiness aside, it's the truth.

And now I will step off my soap box...
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