Thursday, April 17, 2014

Busy Doesn't Even Begin-ella.

Busy just doesn't even begin to describe my life over the last few weeks. I have had so much to do, so much fun doing it and so little opportunities to take outfit photos. Oh my goodness. I mean, like where do I start? I can hardly lug my camera around to fraternity formals and work, right? I feel like such a slacker! I truly apologize. I keep saying it will change, but this time I actually need to make it happen! Sheesh, ya'll. Hold me accountable.

One trend that I'm totally crushing over for spring is the "Coachella" look. I'm all for flower crowns, combat boots, boho trends, middle parts, wavy hair, Elton John sunglasses, fringe upon fringe, facial jewelry, aztec design, layers upon layers of accessories, funky prints, high waisted bikinis and shorts, crocheted dusters, cut-off denim, crop-tops, lace all over, braids, panama hats, hippie vibes ...and everything in between. It is just screaming to be worn on a 70 degree, sunny day. Don't you agree? Here are a few of my ideal Coachella crushes.

Aren't they amazing? Just to die for, you guys. I want every look. Take me to Coachella! 

One more day until the weekend!

Monday, March 31, 2014

No Lies, Just Love!

Happy Monday, everyone!

I am proud to announce that I have finally found an amazing hourly job! I'm going to be a full time stylist at Fab'rik boutique and I'm so excited! I love their brand, their values, and everything they sell. High style with heart, that doesn't break the bank! What more do you need? I can't wait to dive in and see all that this company has in store for me. God answered one of my prayers, and I'm so grateful!

Here's a quick look at fashion lately...
Orange dress, Topshop. Cream sweater, TJ Maxx. Orange tote, Versona. Sunglasses, Madewell. Boots, Lord & Taylor.
Top, Target. Jeans, Target. Boots, Forever 21. Gingham. Turban, Versona. Bag, Urban Outfitters.
Sweater, Forever 21. Top, LF.
Jacket, Urban Outfitters.
Sweater, Thrifted.

Stay tuned for some street style shots and better updates! I promise I will do a better job this week! Until then...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sickness & Style Selfies

If you follow me on Twitter or Instragram, you would've blatantly realized that last week I was struck down with a horrible kidney stone. That's right, literally the night I was supposed to be heading to Boston, at about 6 p.m. when the car was packed for me to leave for the airport, a wave of pain crashed into me. I had been feeling bad the day before, but this time I could hardly stand up it hurt so bad. It was excruciating, not only because I felt like I was going into labor and could hardly think, but because I was missing a trip that I had been looking forward to for weeks. I said bye to my neighbor Melissa, who was off to have the trip of her life and spend days with my amazing little twin, and sobbed all the way to urgent care. 

Thankfully when I met the doctor in that little urgent care room I was given two horribly painful shots in my butt that made me dizzy, sleepy and semi pain-free. If it wasn't for that medicine, I wouldn't have been able to handle sitting in the emergency room for 6 WHOLE HOURS. SIX hours, people. I didn't leave the hospital until 2:45 in the morning, where I then I had to go to a 24 hour CVS to get my pain medication. It was torture! I didn't feel better and have it pass until over a week later. Needless to say, it wasn't anywhere close to the fun I thought I'd be having.

One of the best things about being home, even while kidney-stoned, was that Sean was in Charlotte for spring break! So although I did miss out on a great weekend with Laura, I spent many fun nights laughing, going on dates, eating lots of junk food, watching House of Cards, and hugging nonstop! He helped me feel so much better. I don't know what I would do without him in my life. He's my everything and I can't wait to have him home in less than two months! Praise the Lord! I'm so ready.

Here are a couple "style selfies" and pictures from this week with my love!
Hopefully now that I'm well I'll have plenty new street style shots to post over the next couple weeks! Sorry for the lack of updates, lately. Happy hump day!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sleet, Starbucks & Open-faced Sandwiches.

This weather lately has been so bipolar! Sunday I was taking pictures in the beautiful 70 degree sunshine, and yesterday it was pouring rain and sleet. I mean what!? The sky can't make up it's mind! Thankfully, the dreary weather made it the perfect setting to get some delicious brunch at Tupelo Honey (open-faced gluten free veggie melt, of course) and sip on a Starbucks skinny peppermint mocha.

via Instagram- @TrendyLindy
My sweet man sent me an e-gift the other day, just to cheer me up and show me some love, so I picked up a sweet treat and jammed to John Mayer and Sara B, on him. It was a lovely afternoon!

Here's what I wore! Photos taken in my room to escape the down-pour. Leading accessory, my sweet pup Rocky...
Tiger Muscle Tee, Urban Outfitters. Denim (DIY Distressed), Abercrombie. Loafers, DSW. Chanel Style Coat, Ann Taylor. Eye Make-up, Revlon.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Classic School Girl Style

One thing that I'm so thankful for while I'm living here at home is my church. My pastor is so awesome, I can't even describe how much I enjoy his sermons! He's made my church family come alive over the last year and he's evoked in me a spirit of wanting to get out there and make a difference, not just in my own life, but in the lives of the nearest, neighbors and the nations. If you want to listen to a captivating, funny, heart-warming pastor, that strengthens your faith but doesn't tip-toe around important issues, go over to the Carmel Baptist website! You can watch them on your laptop at home, or on your Kindle at the gym! I promise this isn't meant to be a "commercial" type post, I just really wanted to share it with you all. God is working here in the Queen City, and I love it!

This outfit is a classic look that I wore to church on Sunday, with a little "private school girl" spin to it. Nothing too edgy or boho, but still sweet. Excuse my messy pony-tail and hidden bangs. I just throw my hair up however I can when I have to get out the door quickly... which I usually do on Sunday mornings because I am not a morning person. 
Also, I still can't believe I bought this skirt for only 3 dollars from Goodwill. Major steal! I'm probably rocking a piece of someone's old uniform, and I don't hate it... (Also, random 70 degree days make me happy!)
Skirt, Goodwill. Top, Forever 21. Cardigan, Target. Headband, N/A. Boots, H&M. Cross Bracelet, Hand Picked. Pink Lipstick, Mary-Kay.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Boho Headbands & Chocolate Cookies.

One trend that I've always loved, but haven't exactly utilized until now, is the boho headband. I can't explain to you how much I love hippie style. Headbands, turbans, tops, cut-offs, beading... It has always inspired me! I want to incorporate it into my wedding. I love long cascading hair, silky blouses, billowy silhouettes, sheer elements, floral designs, simplicity with flare. I'm in love with the idea! It's definitely hard to incorporate it into my look all the time, sometimes I like classic items, or popular trends that aren't "hippie-boho-hipster" come about, but I often try to mix it in if I can!

Here are a few "pin-spiration" boho looks that I'm obsessing over. Now if only I could find the seeds to my money tree...

All photos via Pinterest.

Here is yesterday's boho headband look! Hair accessory brought to you by Versona...

In other news... I've mentioned it before and I'm not ashamed to talk about it again... the chocolate meringue cookie from Starbucks is one of THE BEST gluten free treats (under 2 dollars) that I have ever tasted in my life. Melt in your mouth chocolate chips with a light crust that breaks over the top after coming out of the oven. Oh my yum. It is so good! The bad news? Starbucks announced it's discontinuing it. Yep, they're taking away my cookie dream! Thanks a lot, Starbucks! I'm one of your biggest fans! How could you do this to me!? (Tear.)
So if I walk into a Starbucks, and I see this poor little abandoned cookie sitting behind a glass counter, showing it's little "adopt me" puppy eyes... I snatch it up! I eat it and love it and give it a good little cozy home in my hungry, gluten intolerant belly. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekend Insta-Review.

Last week and this weekend were super busy for me! Niece and nephew birthday parties, my older brother in town, boyfriend in town, lots of family time, date nights... Woah! So fun, but super busy.

I know that I literally just mentioned volunteering with CSM to you in my last post, but I realized that I just have too much to focus on to truly dedicate my time to that. I promise I'm not a "flaky" person, I hope ya'll know that! I really did love the opportunity, but as a post-grad I just need something more substantial. If I'm going to devote my time to a job, I want to give it my all and I want to do my best!

What drives you? Success, regardless of the task, or working towards something that makes you happy? That's been a big topic for me lately, I'm curious on your take.

In other news, since I don't have any particular street style posts, I decided to throw together a weekend review! Here it goes...

Last week I got a quick haircut, bang chop and blow out at Planet 21. My go-to stylist, Emily, always does a fantastic job! I love the way it turned out. From there I celebrated my fresh cut with a hazelnut macchiato before going out to lunch with my grandmother and to see Endless Love. Eventful yet relaxing days are the best!
Thursday I had two job interviews! They both went extremely well, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I would love to work at either store, so we'll see what happens and where God leads me! Here's my interview look...
I also drank more coffee and slept in a little... That's what weekends are for!
Saturday night Sean and I went out to Cajun Yard Dog to celebrate Valentine's Day! I'm so happy he got to come home this weekend! We love going out to eat. I can't put into words how amazingly delicious this restaurant is. If you live in Charlotte and you haven't eaten there, you NEED to try it. Sean got the ultimate "man's meal" with fried chicken, mac'n'cheese and french fries, and I got blackened salmon, smothered cabbage and smashed potatoes. Heck to the yum, ya'll!
This morning I woke up and made a smoothie with mango, strawberries, bananas, honey, cinnamon, orange juice and greek yogurt. Then Sean and I went to Starbucks before taking a relaxing walk on the greenway! It was the perfect afternoon.

Sean is heading back to school tonight, and while I'd love to have him here every single day for the rest of forever, I'm so glad that he'll be on spring break in two weeks! I have so much coming up in the near future! Sean's dad is having surgery tomorrow, so I'd love all of your prayers for that, I have follow up interviews later this week, I'm leaving for Boston in 12 days and then Sean and my brother come back home! Nonstop, you guys.

What have you been up to?